Saturday, 29 June 2013

Bulgaria - Fellow travellers Jason & Julie

J & J at CVT? Julie & Jason at Camping Veliko Tarnovo

Julie & Jason and pooch Charlie

One of the joys of motorhoming is that you every now and then come across people with whom you click. There's no recipe or textbook that says how, you just know after a while that here is someone you can sit down with and have a chat over a drink or two. You swap stories, you exchange information and sometimes you just sit and chill and the conversation flows freely.
They stayed for two nights at Camping VT and on the first evening it just so happened that we sat down at the same table for drinks and eats which lasted until 22:30, shortly before closing time.
On the second evening Joan and I thought to ask them over to our pitch for sundowners and snacks. The Weber bbq was duly lit and on went chicken wings regularly basted with olive oil to brown it. Julie brought over a mature Camembert which was warmed on the fire until soft and melted for Balkan style bread to be dipped into. Local beer and wine miraculously made an appearance and before you knew it we could even have made Keith Floyd (English Chef) envious.

Jason and Julie are well travelled and seasoned motorhomers who have published a paperback on their travels in Morocco. Click the link below:-

A Monkey Ate My Breakfast

The Hymer motorhome they use is known as Dave and their dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is known as Charlie. They keep a very up to date Blog on their travels, which can be seen here:-

Our Tour

Below a final wave from Julie as Jason steers Dave towards the exit gates of Camping VT in Bulgaria.

Cheers guys!

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