Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bulgaria - Camping VT (2)

And then the rain came ....

It may be a country where day time temps reaches 40C on a good day, but thus far we have had more rain than shine in June, which has not helped me in getting rid of my T-shirt tan. Most evenings at 7pm the thunderclouds build up in the east, then the wind picks up and minutes later it buckets down. On many an afternoon we have joked how nice it is to be reminded of British weather.

Several tour groups have come and gone during our first few weeks, Dutch, German and currently British. They comprise anything between 10 and 20+ caravans and motorhomes and it all quickly lends a festive atmosphere to the campsite. Being tour groups they will take up an area and stay together, in so doing creating a mini village of campers.

And then the rain came ....

One of the highlights of the recent past was the music and song provided by the local village songsters. The all female song group was from Dragishevo, the village just up the road from Camping VT (Veliko Tarnovo). Dressed in traditional costume, the music and song gave the performance a very local cultural feel. The harmonising, very ably assisted by the accordion player, was most enjoyable with the Bulgarian landscape giving it a feel of real authenticity.

A visiting tour group listening to music and song

Traditional Bulgarian dress

Deserving of a medal was this lady!

Dutch TV crew recording for Kanaal 1

And then the rain came ....

A unique visit in some ways to Camping VT, was that of Paul and Kathleen from Antwerpen (Antwerp) in Belgium. They are cycling from Belgium to Singapore - yes you read that correctly. The distance approximates about 10,000+ km in a straight line, by bicycle it could be much further. However, it's not the distance, but the discipline the mind needs, to undertake this journey. The pair has put aside 12 months to complete the journey and then plan to travel back to Belgium by ship. Quite mind boggling and not for the unadventurous and squeamish.

Paul and Kathleen leaving Camping VT

A final wave

We had wonderful conversations between the four of us during their stay at Camping VT and we wish them the very best of good fortune on their journey to Singapore!

And then the rain came ....

The pool, house and cafe at Camping VT - and the dark menacing sky about to open up.

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