Friday, 28 June 2013

Bulgaria - Camping VT (4)

We had the good fortune of being invited to see the Sound and Light show pertaining to the Tsarevets. This is a medieval stronghold on the outskirts of Veliko Tarnovo, the former capital of Bulgaria.

The music is timed to a kaleidoscope of lasers, lights and bells that is played out on houses, trees and the imposing old fortress and is watched from a terrace in the city. In a straight line I would guess the distance to be about 1200m to the building gracing the top of the Tsarevets hill.
The pictures were all taken 'hand held' without the use of my tripod - an accessory which was sorely missed. This will explain the 'shaky' look of the pictures.

During the visit of a tour group there was also the opportunity to go for a walk around the local village Dragishevo, which is 1km from our campsite. It is typical of a backwater village in rural Bulgaria, with a police station, two bars, a small hardware store and a town hall.
The town hall to me, was the find of the day. It can seat probably 300 people if extra chairs are brought in, but the feature which had us all talking was the heating system. Very simple and probably effective, but also capable of setting the whole place on fire. Certainly not something I've seen before in a town hall. Then again I've not travelled much in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe.

Town Hall dated 1894

Heating system next to the stage

Same heating system at the back of the hall

On a cold winter's night it must have made for a cosy fire side chat with whomever sat nearest the wood burning stoves. The sound system operator probably attends events in summer clothes, with those furthest away in coats. All very interesting.
We also came across this scene, depicted on the picture below, showing the changing Bulgaria, from old style values to the consumer orientated lifestyle of modern society. Whether 'modern' is necessarily good is open to debate of course. It shows a middle aged man doing hard manual work in laying a new pavement whilst in the background a young lad has just got out of a car making his way to the terraced cafe. Also in the picture is a passing group of tourists taking in the scene as nonchalantly as possible, however the contrast has not gone unnoticed. Then there is the yellow reflective jacket draped over the paving stones to act as warning for the pavement works ....

Pavement works

A few more pictures taken in the village ....

Gazebo with national flag and grape pergola

Charabanc of sorts parked up on the roadside

Black ribbon for a deceased member of the community

The somewhat neglected square opposite the town hall

BMW's at the cafe and a farmer on his tractor

A colourful entrance to a private home

After the village walk, back at the ranch:-
Twice weekly there are organised pool exercises at Camping Veliko Tarnovo which is well attended by the British expat community. A sparkling pool in beautiful countryside!

Water aerobics at Camping Veliko Tarnovo


  1. What a wonderful record of our summer and with lovely photos and poetry too... really enjoying your accounts of life at the campsite.