Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bulgaria - Camping VT (Veliko Tarnovo) (1)

We have well and truly settled into our new surroundings as seasonal Camp Wardens at Camping Veliko Tarnovo and have tackled what needs doing by the proverbial 'scruff of the neck'. Judging by the photo below it was arduous work (the real work that is) which needed the requisite periods of rest and relaxation - well you know what I mean .... ?! 
The pool needed its annual fill after standing empty over the winter, which means chlorinating and 'vacuuming' the bottom, then the acquisition of the certificate stipulating that the water conforms to health standards.

Testing testing .... and the farmer's tan

Part of our activities (Marius) is lawn mowing on the sit-on mower. At a good pace and starting early enough it can be done in a day, the thing to watch is the sun over the midday hours. Like sun anywhere, you will abuse it at your peril and pay the price, hence a preference to avoid it from noon to about 3pm.

Joan looking at Marius' new toy 

Machine, with the job completed.

All of the past week there has been activity on the farming fields around the campsite. Tractors have been ploughing up the fields in preparation for what I assume to be planting of some crops. This brought out a resident White Stork (Ciconia ciconia), which we think nests somewhere at the nearby lake. It is obviously accustomed to tractors and people as it was unperturbed by all the movement and simply kept looking for worms and insects.

Ploughing before planting

Notice the White Stork on the right

Ciconia ciconia (White Stork)

One of the endearing sights we have seen so far in Bulgaria is the image below of a farmer going about his business in a manner reminiscent of yesteryear, where life was unhurried and the symbiotic relationship between man and beast very visible. On many afternoons we watched this man taking his cow along the disused railway line to graze. He walked with it and guided it to the best bits of greenery along the way. It was a scene of man and beast in perfect harmony. The picture below shows this - have a good look, it is fast disappearing.

Above and below - a way of life seldom seen these days....

.... compared to the more modern day interaction between man and mechanical beast, where the machine necessitates immediate remedial action in order to get it working again. Worlds apart.

There was (is) also the very noticeable input from Joan in the gardening department. There are the four 'firebox' beds as we call them, that needed clearing of weeds. This has been tackled with her known persistence for getting on with the task and the beds have been transformed. She has also taken on maintenance of the flower beds near the ablution block and more pictures will follow.

Before ....

.... and after.

From a photographic point of view Bulgaria has been a joy. More so because after eight years in a city you once again appreciate the joys of nature. Being out in the countryside the weather patterns are very visible, and because we have a view across large tracts of surrounding countryside, any changes are readily noticed.

The rise of the moon


After a passing thundershower

Chapter 2 on Camping Veliko Tarnovo to follow.

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