Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bulgaria - Life at the campsite

We have completed the first third (6 weeks) of our sojourn here at Camping Veliko Tarnovo (CVT) as Camp Wardens. It has exposed us to the workings and behind the scenes goings-on of  life on a campsite, not the whole hog, but certainly to many intricacies and various component parts of what day to day working life entails. Although we are on duty for only 24 hours over a three and a half day period, you are never completely detached from what goes on around you. It comes with the territory, as the saying goes ....

What brought back happy memories from years gone by was the scene below, showing a combine harvester at work. The grains have ripened here in Bulgaria and for a few days it was all activity on the fields surrounding our campsite. It was reminiscent of the grain being gathered in the Western Cape province of South Africa, a scene I often saw during harvest time.

Combine harvester at work

Off loading onto the waiting tractor-trailer

The monthly car boot sale also took place at CVT at the end of June. The weather was heavily overcast after rain over the preceding days, which affected attendance numbers of both vendors and visitors, but hey, there is no such thing as a quiet car boot sale. It is an ideal place for British expats now living in Bulgaria meet up with each other and whereby the locals are introduced to this 'car boot thing'. I still remember to this day the description given to me by a fine gentleman in Lincolnshire, England, that this is a way for people to recycle their rubbish. However, I also saw freshly baked raisin bread, and bought one too!

Early arrival of sellers

All sorts for sale

We also had our first arrival of the overlander fraternity, this group on a six month journey from London to Sydney, overlanding from London to Singapore. They tent half the time and youth hostel / guest house the rest, all in for £6,500 Sterling excluding pocket money, personals and booze.


Looking at the locals

Soon the tents sprang up

Hardly had the tents been erected, when a b-line was made for the pool and ablution block in equal measure by the 40 odd newly arrived. We couldn't figure out whether it was coolness or cleanliness that took priority, but it was certainly water they were after. The awning on the veranda with its Tuborg beer signage was the next stop with the emphasis now on liquids of another kind .... ! Judging by the amount and regularity of the orders they must have been on the water waggon since leaving London 10 days earlier. Rum and coke was being quaffed before the sun had even started to set. Some tried their best to also see the sun rise again. Bloody nora! (Cockney). However, in fairness, they were a well behaved crowd.
There was also the opportunity to try your hand at archery - yes the bow and arrow activity. Nothing too strenuous for those suffering hangovers and short nights - £4 for 30 minutes.

Posture and pose ....

.... as you aim 

Result out of 12 arrows; 1 lost, 6 on target and the balance wide of the target but not lost. So you think its easy, have you tried it? Not for nothing is it an Olympic sport!


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