Monday, 29 July 2013

Bulgaria - The Black Sea

After more than two months at Camping Veliko Tarnovo fulfilling the roles of resident part time Camp Wardens, it was decided that a visit to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria should be made. We had 10 days on hand, stocked and packed Fifi the motorhome, and set off on Thursday 25 July in an easterly direction. We were advised by the locals to follow the road through Elena, Kotel and Sliven and then the motorway to the Black Sea coast at Burgas and further south.
Always a good idea to take local advice, the road from Elena to Sliven was through beautiful forests and countryside, tree lined verges and in places thick woodland with that quietness and solitude found only in areas of natural beauty. It certainly gave us a whole new perspective on rural Bulgaria.

Woodland near Sliven

We skirted round the port city of Burgas and followed the coast road south looking for signs pointing to campsites. Just before Tsarevo there was a sign that said Camping South and we duly swung Fifi down the narrow road. There is always some nervous anticipation when approaching a new site, will you like it, will it be packed out, will you be stuck with noisy neighbours?

Fifi the motorhome on her pitch

Most campsites in Europe have demarcated spaces within which each motorhome / caravan / tent must pitch, but here in Bulgaria thus far that does not seem to be the case. You arrive and select your own space which is fine, but it can also result in over crowding - we have been fortunate. Perhaps its because we're at the back, which is how we chose it, the nearer the sea the more crowded it becomes.
The ablution / shower block is basic but I used it (turkish style toilet and all) but Joan used the facilities of the motorhome, the hotel complex has a small well stocked shop with basic foodstuffs, cool drinks and chilled beer. We stayed for 6 nights - says it all.

And WiFi reception in the 'van from our omni-directional antenna, courtesy of Motorhome WiFi.

Our two beaches and the campsite in the background

Soft sand, very clean and safe - a real joy!

Enjoyable for all 

Adjacent hotel and private beach

Some have private perches

Some have private get-togethers

Sea Holly (Eryngium martinum)

Elegant beach bars 

We were pleasantly surprised by the orderliness and well behaved crowds of mainly Bulgarians. There was no loud music, no yobbish (unruly) behaviour, no abuse of alcohol, it seemed as if everybody was out to have a good time without spoiling it for anyone else.
Topless bathing was no problem - many females did - and some people would discreetly remove all clothing to ensure an all over tan .... ! The liberal beach culture coupled with respect for others, is something these two beaches can be proud of - the Hotel Sea Horse and adjacent beaches at Lozenets south of Burgas.

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