Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bulgaria - Fellow travellers Rick & Kathy

Rick and Kathy from the USA are probably as 'travelled' as they come. They have lived full time 'on the road' since 2001 - not many can say that. They have travelled to 50+ countries all over the world and they're not done yet. We thoroughly enjoyed their gracious company during their three week stay at Camping Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria.

Rick & Kathy

They started off way back on a Honda Goldwing, changed to an American style motorhome and eventually to TIGER their current V8 powered 4x4 which they say is "far more capable than what we are capable of". They are truly followers of "the road less travelled".

Below is the link to their comprehensive and most informative website:-

TIGER parked in the Bulgarian countryside

"Our world, with no checklists, no schedules, one day at a time"
Website of Rick & Kathy.

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