Monday, 1 April 2013

France - ABC; Ardeche, Beaujolais, Calais

We left the Riviera and travelled north towards Lyon and then west following the road going through the Ardeche, an area of beauty criss-crossing the Rhone and Loire rivers several times. We also free camped on the banks of the Loire near the town of Le Puy for the night.

Viaduct near Tournon-sur-Rhone 

Crossing the hills of the Ardeche after recent snow

On the banks of the Loire

Fresh baguettes in the morning from the local Bolangerie saw us right for the brunch at 11:00 and our journey into the Beaujolais area of central France. We followed Snoopy the GPS to a farm that hosted motorhomers in the Beaujolais area, Domaine de Grande Ferriere.

On our way we came across this bric-a-brac store with an interesting way of attracting attention ....

A Morane Saulnier that's seen better days

Mid afternoon we arrived at the wine farm and what a lovely venue! A real farm yard surrounded by sheds and implements, very neatly stored I have to say, with views over a field and surrounding vineyards. Tasting is done in a beautiful cellar and wine sold directly to the public - the whole range from Blanc to Rose to Rouge. All expertly presented, explained and poured in the cellar by the co-vintner herself .... !

You can also choose a more animated label 

Vines trimmed in Beaujolais country

Workhorses of yesteryear

Although we stayed for one night only, this venue I can recommend highly, it is rustic in proper French countryside, it is quiet and conducive to a stay of two or three nights, whilst enjoying the fruits of the vine. The site can only take about four 'vans max, so you are not crowded out, Turkish loo's, outside seating and that cellar will ensure a good stay.

Last morning on the continent near Calais

We had an early start to the ferry port in Calais, arriving in good time for our 10:00 crossing on Wednesday 27 March 2013 back to England. Cold it certainly was, but the fry up for breakfast (full English) on the ferry was good.

We will, in order to give some reflections and thoughts, post under a separate heading on our overall experience of the past 10 months whilst travelling Europe. We have covered some 17,000km since taking delivery of Fifi le Van back in April 2012 and some overall all encompassing summary will be forthcoming. So too will our plans for 2013 ....

For the many, from all over the world, who have read and followed our Adventure, we say thank you and extend our gratitude and appreciation for the interest you have shown. Many messages were received from faraway places - South Africa, New Zealand and closer to home in the UK - from people reading and following this Blog. Thank you for that interest!

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