Tuesday, 23 April 2013

England - St George's Day

St George's Day

Well it is the 23rd of April and it is the patron saint of England, so a special mention here of that day.


We will spend the day continuing preparations for our departure on the second year of 'A New Adventure'.  The past weekend was spent at the annual motorhome show at the East of England showgrounds in Cambridgeshire, looking at the 2013 range of motorhomes from various manufacturers, a multitude of gadgets and gizmos for motorhomes, anything from awnings to battery powered bicycles and flags to adorn your pitch and show your country of residence.

Fifi and flags

Not to be outdone we duly bought a telescopic pole, Union windsock on top and the England flag of St George's to join the hundreds of other 'vans flying all manner and means of bunting at the show.

A bit of fun if nothing else .... !

Also had a bbq (braai) in a friend's garden, flag and all.

Sunshine and sparkling wine

St George's Day

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