Sunday, 31 March 2013

France - The French Riviera (2)

We left Nice on a rainy day at midday after a cooked breakfast in the 'van - yes it does rain on the Cote d'Azur - and made a leisurely drive for St Tropez further west down the coast. Following the coast road can be slow going even in the low season having to navigate your way through the highly built up area, towns and villages. The motorway on the cliffs above the coast is an option if time necessitates it. We arrived in St Maxime during the French lunch hour on the Sunday and readied ourselves to wait for the Warden until he appeared. Miraculously there was no wait and we spent the afternoon reading and blogging after the two out-and-about days in Nice.
Next morning it was off to St Tropez, sadly the weather forecast remained gloomy and we decided to start our journey back to England after the one night stay near Port Grimaud. We did do a short walk around though and came across these lovely objets d'art displayed by a local art gallery, all made from old engine parts.


'Save the Rhino'

Walking through the marina one cannot miss the 'Miniature Venice' theme with moorings and pedestrian bridges, restaurants, bars and cafes and some beautiful yachts all over the place. Modern apartments abut the marina and unless you are into the boating scene you will feel out here. You can look the part though ....

The marina at Port Grimaud

We have been to that lovely old town of St Tropez before, walked its streets and the large yacht marina giving St Tropez its glitzy glamour feel of money and decadence and that French style of joie de vivre. We did not visit it this time round but there will be another time. The Cote d'Azur is not a destination to do in a rush, if you are going there take time to just sit in the sun at a pavement cafe or bar with a glass of something and watch the people - just as you will be watched.

And remember to have fun .... !

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