Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sicily - Syracuse

The camperstop and the city of Syracuse both came as unexpected pleasant surprises. The journey from Avola to Syracuse is less than 40km and the only reason we decided to stay a few days is because someone recommended the city as good value.
The camperstop came about because it was 4km outside town which is how we like it, presumably possible to cycle. Well it was not possible to cycle due to the busy road with no hard shoulder making it unsafe for cyclists, but the camperstop turned out to be a find! We had to negotiate for a realistic tariff and we also did a walk around before I booked in. It was rustic with no other 'vans on site - it was empty! It had acceptable ablutions and amenities but above all it had Almond trees in full bloom and the first of the Spring wild flowers coming out. It had a citrus orchard which the lady said we could take from as we please - and - it had total silence, peace and quiet! These attributes put together are not to be ignored when motorhoming. The campsite goes under the name of CAMPING RINAURO and is known as a agri-tourism campsite. It basically means it is more agricultural in ambiance and has a rural setting. It is not suitable for kids and if you don't like rustic back of beyond camping, don't go. We thought it 5 star!

Lunch on day 1

'Motorhoming' in a garden

Almond blossom

The scene for a thriller or an Agatha 'who dunnit'

Red hot Poker bush

Red hot Pokers in flower

Transport into Syracuse from the campsite is possible by bus, for which you need to walk 1km along a road that has no pavement. We did that and arrived at the bus stop 20 minutes later next to a petrol station. To make sure we had it right we asked at the adjacent 'Tabachi' and they confirmed the next bus was due soon. I noticed a couple looking and listening to what I was asking from the proprietor, thought nothing of it and went to tell Joan outside that all was fine re the bus into town. Minutes later the woman, from the couple inside, came to us and promptly offered us a lift to town saying they are going there as well.

Once again the kindness of strangers ....

She was German and he was Italian (Sicilian) both living in Germany but visiting his family in Sicily. We were dropped off right outside the Vodafone shop where Marius bought more time for his mobile broadband - 20 Euros for 5GB lasting 30 days. Reliable, affordable and works everywhere.
We walked around the inner old town for some two hours, had an ice cream on the Piazza Duomo in lovely sunshine and then took a taxi back, costing 20 Euros.

Bank of Sicily with a police car in front

Along the promenade in Syracuse - Ortigia

Near the public aquarium

BBQ aprons ....

'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull'

We were here for three nights and should have stayed longer, only problem was the lack of a nearby supermarket or even a convenience store for basics e.g. bread, milk, fruit and vegetables. Yes, in hindsight we could have taken the 'van and properly stocked up on all and stayed a week.

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