Friday, 30 November 2012

Sicily - Moods of Mount Etna

Mountains have always drawn my interest, for various reasons:-
- they are dangerous
- to climb them is what draws you to them
- you are dealing with nature in one of its most basic forms
- the sheer raw beauty, unchanged over the centuries

And here we are right on the doorstep of a still active volcano, dormant now, but with a history of sudden eruptions as and when the forces of nature dictate so. Mystical in a way .... this Mount Etna. The surprise of our current camperstop here in Sicily is that five paces from our motorhome I have an unobstructed view of this volcano. I simply open the door and walk across our private patio to a gate in the fence, and there it is! I can watch it as often as I wish witnessing all its mood swings and changes of appearance. Just so wonderful!

Thursday 29 Nov midday; camera in 'Landscape' mode
Sunset brought about these back lit cloud formations giving a dramatic view of the eastern ridge of Mount Etna.

Thursday 29 Nov 4:00 pm using a telephoto lens at 70mm

Same time as above using a telephoto lens at 115mm
There is however no escaping the impact of humans and all of the ancillary mess that we bring with us, such as can be seen in the two pictures below. Fences, ugly buildings, aerials and discarded detritus all over the place. Just beyond it though the beauty endures.

Human habitation; Friday 30 Nov at 8:13am

The beauty somehow survives; Friday 30 Nov 8:40am

Sunset Friday 30 Nov 4:31pm
Mount Etna, Sicily!
Trinacria - Sicilian flag

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