Friday, 16 November 2012

Italy - Cropani Marina(5)

Last Tuesday 13 November marked our longest stay in one place - 4 weeks and counting! I jokingly said to Joan it's time to move on because I'm out of pictures to post seeing as the town and surrounds have been covered end to end.
However, we're still enjoying the very laid back location, it's still only us and Fifi here 99% of the time and where do we need to rush to. The days are mainly sunny, the mercury still goes to 20+ during the day (12-14 at night) little rain thus far, although the locals say it never rains much here anyway. The beach is 200 yards down the road, a choice of three mid-size 'supermercatos' within walking distance, barber, dentist, 'bancomat' (autobank) all of which have been used at some time.

Many years ago I used to go for walks on Grotto beach in Hermanus, a seaside town southeast of Cape Town, to watch the changing moods of the sea. Doing the same here has brought back happy memories.

Above and below is looking northeast along Cropani beach on two different days, showing how the sea state influenced by weather, can change.


Same here looking southwest along Cropani beach, note the piece of wood as a point of reference.

Even though beaches can be devoid of people, there are many signs that show recent visits and evidence of something still ongoing. The picture below was taken some days ago, with no indication as to what the outboard engine was doing there, stuffed into the sand as you see it. When I passed by again some time later it had gone.

No, we did not place the chairs there. Judging by the footprints in the sand someone had passed there earlier in the day, although I don't think they could sit down judging by the broken state of the chairs.

Beach combing

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