Monday, 19 November 2012

Italy - Cropani Marina(6)

Dov'e il sole? (Where is the sun?)

Well, when the sun shines it SHINES and when it rains it RAINS. Thus has been our conclusion after some heavy rains over the past weekend here in southern Calabria. However, as is the case when rains are late in coming, it was needed and everything has had a wash and a sluice down. The roads, the pavements, the drains and all else, giving everything a washed appearance. The ground is soaked through and a break in the rain has been most welcome.

Looking towards the entrance

View through the doorway

From the dinette table .... wet wet wet

The forecast is for on/off rainy weather until Wednesday when sun with scattered cloud hopefully returns. In the meantime we read, surf the web, listen to BBC Radio 2 on the iPad whilst still enjoying a day time temp of 20C. We still walk down the road daily, either to the beach to 'look and see' whatever there is to see .... or to Carrefour for essentials.

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