Sunday, 8 July 2012

Netherlands - Zeeland province

We entered the Netherlands from Belgium using the 6.6 km tunnel under the Schelde estuary (that's a lot of water above your head) exiting in the Netherlands near Vlissingen. We stayed for two nights at Dishoek near Vlissingen. Beautiful dunes next to the campsite gave splendid views across the Schelde estuary and the North Sea. The Schelde is an incredibly busy waterway serving the ports of Terneuzen (Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium).
The dunes have foot paths, cafes and beach huts on the sand, with miles of beach to walk on. One is constantly reminded of the fact that much of the Netherlands is below sea level and the road from Vlissingen going north towards Rotterdam has large areas of water on the land side of the road. These 'polders' (marshes) will eventually be habitated by people once devoid of water. Crossing the Osterscheldekering is an example of how water is constantly pumped from inland to the sea.

Looking north along the Dishoek beach near Vlissingen

Foot paths are found all over the dunes with views all round

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