Friday, 20 July 2012

Netherlands - Arnhem

We arrived in Arnhem in the province of Gelderland, near the German border on Thursday 19 July. It rained much for most of the journey between Den Helder and Amsterdam. We made a brief overnight stop outside Amsterdam and left soon after breakfast. We pitied those who camped in tents on a water logged field not knowing where to find succour from the heavy rains of the past week. Fifi is fully waterproof and ready for more.
We decided to travel from Amsterdam to Arnhem via Rotterdam, a detour of some 50 miles, because of the indelible impression Rotterdam left on us the first time round. Those motorways through and around this port city is something to be seen.
We arrived in the Oosterbeek suburb of Arnhem late afternoon after some search for a campsite that ticked the boxes. We came across one that supposedly only takes bookings on-line. However, the manager had no problem and duly assigned us a site. I stipulated that I needed a strong wi-fi signal and he sited us next to the wi-fi antenna of the campsite.

Wi-fi antenna on the outhouse roof

A different and lovely campsite, all campers have their own little shower/loo/washbasin outhouse, a wonderful change to the daily journey of shared ablutions. You can of course use your own inside the motorhome, you do have a choice. Then again, a change is as good as a holiday .... hmm?
The other bonus was that the site is walking distance from the Airborne Museum (Paratroopers) who fought in Arnhem to capture an intact bridge across the Rhine in WW2. The movie was called 'A Bridge too Far' in what was known militarily as 'Operation Market Garden'. Yes, I can hear some say there was no chancing upon this campsite and that I intended arriving just here. Well we're only staying for four nights ....

Wi-fi aerial - now you know why the silence for almost a week. In order to up- and download pictures and other data you need a strong signal, the absence of which can be most frustrating.

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