Monday, 9 December 2013

Greece - southern Peloponnese (3)

Having completed a tour around one of the three headlands of the southern Peloponnese we were back at Limeni bay near Areopoli. The weather forecast was for stormy weather, rain and strong winds, over the next day or two - and it did not disappoint! We were on good stable ground, we battened down the hatches and were ready to sit it out.

Sunset on the day before the storm

The sea was all churned up, the rain came bucketing down with 75mm (3 inches) over a 24 hour period. The wind according to the weather reports reached gusts of strength 7 on the Beaufort scale, near gale force. The 3.5 ton motorhome was rocked a few times, we could see the water coming down the hill behind us in little streams flooding the parking area before running into the sea. All this at night with the street lights eventually succumbing and going out because of the severe thunder and lightning.
Two German 'vans were parked up with us but their occupants had gone to Faros taverna for the evening and had not returned before the deluge. I saw them briefly whilst making their way back with waterproof jackets looking thoroughly wet and miserable. I subsequently heard that the thunder and lightning had so unnerved one of the woman delaying their return until close to midnight.

The gathering storm

Faros taverna at Karavostasi, Limeni bay.

Faros taverna pictured above, will always bring back fond memories because of the two fish platters (on two different nights) which was so wonderfully cooked and presented by owner / manager Peter. You know when you walk in, the friendly atmosphere, the warm welcome and a 'can-do' attitude when we said "bring us some good Greek food" without even looking at the menu. Four courses arrived over the next two hours, all freshly made and served with an explanation as to what it is. Washed down with the house white wine served in a carafe. Wonderful place well recommended!

Before moving on we spent two nights on the Itilo beach front, from where the above picture was taken, stocked up with basics in Areopoli 6km away on the hill and travelled the 50km to Sparti for LPG gas and a proper replenishment of groceries from Lidl's. All of 85 Euros worth! Nice Lidl's this was fully stocked with Christmas decorations - yes it's that time of year again.

Next up - oranges on the trees and snow on the mountains and ....

Near Sparti

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