Sunday, 15 December 2013

Greece - Monemvasia (1)

Our anti-clockwise tour of the Peloponnesos (Greek) Peloponnese (English) is ongoing. Winter has arrived, make no mistake, and we have had some chilly days. That's not mentioning the storms, high winds, lashing rain and what can only be described as miserable weather at times.
To be fair, most days still have sunshine and it can reach into the high teens (16 Celsius) with good strength in the sun, still much warmer than Britain which is why we are here. Snow has fallen on some mountain tops but whether it will stay I don't know, see the picture below taken near Sparti in the south.

We stocked up on food, filled with LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) and diesel and took the road leading to Monemvasia. LPG - many service stations have this now, and most will have it soon, the days of hauling blue and red gas cylinders around are over. Your LPG tank (cylinder) is a fixture and you fill it similar to tanking with fuel. Some stations still frown at the cylinder and one in Patras refused to fill it, but they're learning fast here in Greece.
Monemvasia at first sight looks like a miniature Gibraltar, sheer rock with a small village at the far side reached by a narrow road crossing the sea. In the old days it could be sealed off by a draw bridge as a defensive measure.

Monemvasia = 'Single entrance'

Information plaque

Hellenic Coast Guard in the bay

We parked for two nights next to the small fishing harbour which is near most tavernas, very picturesque and very Greek. The following three nights were spent on the island itself, just inside from the bridge which gave beautiful views in all directions, both day and night.

Parked next to the fishing harbour and various tavernas

 It is a great place for walking around, the harbour and the marina, inside the village itself both on the island and the mainland. I will submit a separate entry on the hidden built-on-the-mountain Monemvasia in our next posting.

Turtle in the harbour

Monemvasia rock

Can you wish for a better parking spot?

Some wonderful balmy days in the Grecian sun, settled and sunny weather for the next week! All of the motorhomes' occupants know each other; from L-R Swedish, British (Fifi), and two Dutch vans.

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