Friday, 18 October 2013

Greece - Achillio, a coastal village.

We have learnt that in order to find a good free camping spot you need to go off the beaten track, if I may borrow on the cliché. That is exactly what we did when we travelled from Volos to Achillio. We had no definite destination but as we descended the mountain pass on a very twisty-turny road into Achillio we knew we would stay.
We rode through the whole town end to end, made a U-turn and below is where we spent our first night. The view and the setting sun was magical.

Achillio bay

Achillio is a small town with an active and seemingly well to do yacht charter business - Ecker Yachting. Friendly German chap who had no problem with me using his Wi-Fi connection.

Ecker Yachting in Achillio

Yacht and fishing harbour

We had a walk around as one does and saw the most amazing sight of these jellyfish next to the harbour wall. There were several floating around and most had small little fish seemingly feeding off them. The fish seemed to feed off the blue tipped tentacle like membranes dangling from underneath the jellyfish. Every so often the jellyfish would half turn onto its back to reveal the blue tipped membranes.

The wonders of sea life

We decided to move Fifi the motorhome nearer to the harbour for the second night so as to have a more nautical atmosphere. Of course there was the small matter of a Bofors 40mm naval gun quite prominently displayed on the waterfront. It makes for great shoreline furnishings these military hardware from yesteryear. What is better, a naval gun or some junket endowed tourist trap selling plastic and bling? I mean seriously now, is it not wonderful to see a beach promenade that has as its sole attraction the sea, fishing boats and yachts, small local shops and tavernas?!

Bofors gun

Our view!

And to add some ouzo to the souvlakia you have a fly past from the Hellenic Air Force in the late afternoon.

Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters


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