Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bulgaria - Good Bye / Ciao

All good things come to an end .... we came we saw and now the journey continues .... one door closes and another one opens .... after the coming winter a summer will follow .... it is known as LIFE.

For Those Who Live It, Life Has A Flavour The Sheltered Will Never Know (Anon)

To Nick and Nicky Kinson, our gratitude and appreciation for having given us the opportunity to spend time being involved at their lovely campsite in central Bulgaria. The memories will stay with us for a long long time.
It was enjoyable, it had funny moments, we often had a chuckle, not once did we regret coming and we experienced (again) the wondrous world of the travelling public, with all its idiosyncrasies and quirks. Joan and I both spent some years in the Travel Industry and we know it - and then some!

As a final goodbye and to once again share and enjoy in mutually good company, we went for a meal at a restaurant, a lovely place with good food, good service and an evening to be remembered.

Nicky - Nick - Joan - Marius

Camping Veliko Tarnovo

A Fond Farewell

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