Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sicily - Weather and Sea (Pictorial)

There are few if anything that can show changes and mood swings as coastal weather can. Anybody who has ever spent time living near to, as I have, or in present times as we are now, camping / motorhoming next to the sea, will testify to the unpredictability of coastal weather.
Southern Sicily and the Mediterranean is no different and don't be fooled by the belief that the Med is a sea and not an ocean and therefor is without wind and stormy weather. It may be less stormy than the Atlantic for example, but is has 'weather' big time! It probably has more good weather than bad, borne out by the myriad of ports large and small all over its coastline of southern Europe and northern Africa, used for leisure, fishing, commerce and trade and the cruise line industry.
From a photographic point of view it is a gem and will provide happy snappers and serious photographers and everybody in between, wonderful memories. Below is a selection of shots taken over the last month during our stay at Punta Braccetto in southern Sicily.
A classic Med winter sunset over the ruins at Punta Braccetto

Same view with approaching cloud bank from the southwest

Looking southeast at heavy weather

Remains of hailstones at the beach viewpoint

A washed out beach after heavy rain - looking west

Same as above - looking east

The normal state of the beach

The normal activity late afternoon on many a day
Five motorhomes and eight Brits spending the winter in southern Sicily
I wonder why?

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