Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sicily - Punta Braccetto and surrounds

Staying for five weeks at Camping Scarabeo, near Santa Croce Camerina, was the third time we stayed for more than one month in one place. Remember the reason? To escape the worst of the European winter e.g. snow, ice and below zero temperatures. All three places naturally were in southern Italy / Sicily which is where we said we would spend the winter of 2012/13. Punta Braccetto and Camping Scarabeo was a good choice.

The following will be a selection of random pictures of our surroundings and places we saw around Punta Braccetto / Santa Croce Camerina.

Entrance to 'Scarabeo camping'

Our second pitch, on the seafront. We moved nearer the sea for the second half of our stay at Scarabeo. Wonderful view but windy at times.  

View from the ruins on Punta Braccetto with Fifi on the right

The variety, shapes and (un)finished states of many houses always amazed us. We often had the impression that owners did as they pleased when it came to what you did and how you did it.

Almost like a film set from a cowboy movie

Cottage with more wall than house, although this one was sturdily built.

You could paint it in the colours of the Italian flag - red, white and green.

The Tsunami bar was located next to the open air church ....

The empty streets of Punta Secca. Like ghost towns with nothing and nobody around. We wondered about security of property in the circumstances.

Memorial honouring the sacrifice of the British and American Forces during the liberation of Sicily in WW2, next to Punta Secca harbour.

Statue of Madonna and Child overlooking Punta Secca harbour

Some rural traditions could be seen, such as this shepherd with his flock of sheep and sheep dog.

Waiting to go down the road

Beautiful interior of the theatre in Vittoria

Honouring the Fallen of the Fatherland in Vittoria

Town square in Vittoria with the theatre in the left background
Breakfast stop at Marina Ragusa on our way to Syracuse after saying goodbye to Camping Scarabeo

Our thanks and appreciation, once again, to Angela and her staff for five wonderful weeks spent near the southern tip of Sicily. This southern tip is in fact slightly more south than the northernmost tip of Africa and about as far south as you can get away from the European winter, whilst still remaining in the EU.

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