Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Germany - Lake Konigsee

We spent our last few days in Germany near the town of Berchtesgaden and on the banks of Lake Konigsee, that beautiful stretch of water in south eastern Germany. We have not been to the Konigsee before, so it was all new to us and we decided to make a proper job of it. It's a busy place with visitors and tourists and the main pedestrianised avenue has retailers on both sides, until you get to the waters edge. Small hotels and guesthouses abound, with as many eateries and cafes presenting mainly Bavarian fayre. There are also shops that could sell you a full Bavarian national costume at anything up to 2000 Euros .... ! Also a music shop with some proper German folk music from Heino and Freddy Quin, which Joan pretended not to see and kept dragging me off somewhere else.

From the lake towards the town

One of us had to row the boat ....

.... and one of us, well ....

We hired a little row boat on two consecutive days for a couple of hours to just enjoy the views and the tranquillity that mountains and water can bring. Medicine for the soul I call it. On the second day we took along a little picnic and stopped at a quiet spot on the banks only to see a rain cloud appear from nowhere almost spoiling the fun by a short drizzle.
We also did the short 1 hour walk along a track taking you through the Alpine forest and presenting lovely views of Lake Konigsee. There are benches every now and then allowing time to take in the surroundings, making the area visitor friendly. And how grand these views are across the lake.

Looking south towards St Bartholomeo

Lunch, on the spur of the moment one afternoon, was at Cafe Mahlerwinkl, a traditional Bavarian style Stube serving local fayre - see picture. Served graciously with style it added much value to the experience. Isn't it still strange how somehow in most eateries on the continent you get service that seems hassle free and given with a smile and aplomb, and how there can be a dearth of good service at similar priced eateries in the UK?
Our last afternoon was spent with Joan doing some rinsing of clothes, me updating the Blog and doing some on-line preparations for the journey to Zagreb (Croatia). With views of the hills and that (in)famous building on top of a mountain, all viewed from our own motorhome, working on the computer was ever so easy - did I mention the 'helles' on the side?

View of the Kehlstein from Fifi's dinette window 

Even went for a stroll on the last evening down the pedestrian zone -

One looked at lit up buildings ....

the other at Bavarian national dress ....

After almost two months in Germany we have grown used to efficiency and an independent way of life that we too enjoy. I personally have looked forward to the 'New Adventure' component that would be Germany, and it has not disappointed!

Auf Wiedersehen Pet .... (Germany)

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