Sunday, 24 June 2012

Belgium - The battlefield of Waterloo

It was always on the agenda, a visit to this epic battlefield that changed the course of history in 1815. Just south of Brussels, the topography is still much as it was almost 200 years ago.
Two short movies telling the story, a climb up the 226 steps of the Butte de Lion with an all round view of the battlefield, museum with a graphic all round mural of events and the main characters that shaped history. Well worth the less than 10 Euros entry fee.

The 'Lion Mound' from the car park

Going up those 226 steps

Part of the all round mural in the museum

We arrived in Antwerp Saturday afternoon (23/6/12) in lovely sunny weather, but this Sunday morning it is raining. At least we did a cycle into town on Saturday to the banks of the Schelde, right through a very busy and bustling central precinct with shoppers, narrow lanes and many cafe's.

Seems like an indoors day - waffles and dropped scones for breakfast and chicken curry for supper!

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