Saturday, 1 February 2014

Farewell Greece and Ahoy Italy!

The ferry was booked for Sunday 26 January from Patras (Greece) to Ancona (Italy) crossing the Adriatic in 24 hours, to arrive at Ancona 17:00 the next day. A good price was negotiated at Euro 254.00 which includes plug-in for the motorhome, 30% off all meals and an en-suite inside cabin with two beds - small, clean and functional.
After our visit to Olympia, the last two nights were spent at a free camperstop we've been to before on the Gulf of Corinth at Diakopto. The following three pictures were taken minutes apart.



And the weather looking west

We left the scenic camperstop at midday and made the one hour journey to Patras ferry port. With plenty of time on our hands we watched the Greek police preventing 'illegals' (African) from trying to make their way onto/into heavy goods vehicles crossing to Italy by stowing away, in so doing attempting to find work in the rest of the EU and further afield in the UK itself. This is becoming a huge problem and the mere fact that we sat in our motorhome watching scores of young men playing hide and seek with the Greek authorities is cause for concern. They are both unwanted and unwelcome in the EU. How they got to Greece is anyone's guess. And whilst I'm on the subject - why do the Greek authorities not build a proper security fence between the Patras port and the busy main road running alongside it? They will for a kick off make their own lives much easier. All vehicles, including ours, were entered and thoroughly searched before you were allowed to enter the ferry departures parking area. Sniffer dogs were on hand to enter the goods containers of some large vehicles. Well done!

On board:-

Parked and plugged to keep the fridge/freezer powered, also charges the 2 x leisure batteries.

Main lounge and bar

A walk-about on deck before casting off:-

A view across the empty departures parking area at Patras ferry port

Minoan Ferries: 'Cruise Olympia'.

Utility boat - Deck 11.

Port worker waiting for the cast-off instructions - taken from Deck 11.

Taking the air on the aft upper deck after breakfast - a bracing 5 Celsius at 09:45.



  1. Enjoy the chianti and pasta!! See you both soon xx

    1. Bella Italia it was and currently it is La Belle France, Medoc and haute cuisine a la camper!