Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Greece - Peloponnese pictures

We left Nafplio, where we spent New Year, heading for the easternmost side of the Peloponnese. Our first intended stop was Porto Cheli where the sight of begging kids chasing the motorhome kept us going - no thanks and goodbye. We instead opted for Ermioni marina which was pleasant enough for a one night stay.

Below follows a collection of pictures taken at various locations as we travelled the roads of the eastern Peloponnese in Greece. Naturally, a short description will accompany each of them.

A view of Poros in the eastern Peloponnese. It is both somewhat exclusive and has no bridge connecting it to the mainland. It is favoured by Athenians taking short breaks and easily reached by ferry or helicopter from Athens.

A closer view of Poros, looking across the narrow stretch of water separating it from Galatas on the mainland. Galatas did not impress.

Standing at the same spot from where the previous picture was taken. Dumped cars, shabby buildings and a somewhat unloved feeling was my impressions of Galatas.

The harbour pier at Methana north of Poros with Fifi the motorhome right in the centre. We stayed for one night only due to the 'idiot element' on their noisy scooters charging around. Good Wi-Fi connections and lovely views across the sea in all directions.

From the hill above Methana with the harbour pier centre left.

We returned to the outskirts of Nafplio (Triton II campsite) again, by choice, and stayed another four nights. As mentioned before it is clean, has good showers, the toilets have seats and it has the pleasant atmosphere of a well run campsite. The adjacent village of Drepano has good bakeries, mini-markets and whatever else to keep you supplied.

We ventured south from Nafplio aiming for Monemvasia (again) in order to make use of the great open parking area with a 360 degree view of surrounding sea and mountain. The road hugs the coast for many miles and the journey provides beautiful views. Stopped on the way ....

A designated camperstop on the coast leading to Leonidio. It proves the point that you will find many places all over Greece, with sea, sun and shade where you can 'free camp' enjoying the surroundings. At this stop we were 6 'vans with big spaces in-between, no crowding.  
Another 4 or 5 weeks to go before we start the homeward journey back to England. So in essence we are now biding time and visiting some places for a second time, those that we enjoyed most. We still need to visit Olympia, home of the Olympic Games in 'classical times' which will be a full one day visit, done on the way to Patras from where we take the ferry across to Italy and home.
We aren't done yet!

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