Friday, 16 August 2013

Bulgaria - Our natural surroundings

A View on Nature - by Joan.

Having been here for 14 weeks now, we have settled in well. Cleaning ablutions / shower blocks is new to me but I've hopefully got the hang of it. Of course it helps when the facilities are so wonderful, ask anybody who has stayed at Camping VT - everyone praises the whole campsite.

I particularly enjoy the wildlife, when we arrived the Sparrows were just beginning to nest, mainly in the eaves of the ablution block roof, they have had two broods (perhaps three) and a wonderful site to see the hoards of young playing and flying together. The dawn chorus is now a lot less, but the crickets are still noisy. The 'song of the frogs and toads' have also become less. The different varieties of butterfly are amazing, from black, orange, yellow, to tiny ones that are lilac in colour. 

Sparrow in the eaves

Then there are animals that are not on my favourite list one of which are snakes. I am told there are four different kinds in Bulgaria, the one I came across was a Snog, or grass snake, it was sunning itself on the steps by Fifi the motorhome. I came along this one and we both saw each other at the last minute, I jumped and the snake scurried off to the wild flower bed at the side, I think we were both in shock, the snake was about 18" long. I was told that was small and they grow much bigger, but harmless thank goodness, or so they say. I asked Marius to cut the grass around the wild flowers!

The snake steps

The wild flowers are very much kept and encouraged to seed and the flower borders have blossomed under the hands of Mira the gardener, the whole site is gradually maturing. I hope we can pick some walnuts from the tree just by Fifi before we leave. We have also a peach tree with ripening peaches, this is under the walnut tree, we are keeping a close watch on these waiting for the time to pick them.

The Walnut tree

The wildflowers as seen from Fifi the motorhome's windows

The Apricot tree under the Walnut tree

Still only small, but ....

.... wonderful Apricots ....

.... by the dozen.

We watched them ripen over the past two weeks and they have not disappointed. Peaches or Apricots, at first we weren't sure, only small in size but totally organic and free of charge (Marius does not do organic because of the inflated price).
This part of our 'Adventure' is a wonderful experience and we have met the most interesting people both fellow travellers and local people. We often speak of the 'university of life' and this is again coming to the fore after 14 weeks on site.

Fifi with awning and screens deployed - privacy!

How we update the Blog - from inside Fifi!

All next to a field of sunflowers

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