Friday, 10 May 2013

Serbia - Belgrade(1)

The journey through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia was swift using the very well maintained motorways of those countries. They cost you using them, make no mistake, but if distance is what you need to cover you have no choice.
We have not been to Serbia before, and because of the Balkan conflict after the break up of Yugoslavia, it has not always received a good press. How time can change things, because since our arrival a few days ago we have seen only good hospitality and service with a smile. Serbia is open for tourism!
We are at CAMP DUNAV which is on the Danube some 10km west of Belgrade. It has hands on management, clean ablutions, bar with outside tables and chairs under canopies, warm sunny days at 25+ Centigrade and no crowds yet. It is still early in the season and we have as company 5 Dutch 'vans spread around the site.

Firstly some pictures of the views we have:-

The Danube by day and ....

.... the Danube by night. The night skyline of Belgrade.

More news and pictures to follow, including why we came to Belgrade in the first place. Today, Friday the 10th of May, the weather is sunny with 28C forecast. A visit to Belgrade for some looking around, maybe a light lunch on the Skadarlija, a street known for cafes, bars and restaurants, in central Belgrade - recommendation by the camp management.

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