Sunday, 14 October 2012

Italy - A beach in Campania

Autumn has arrived in Italy by virtue of the odd rainy shower although the temperature is still a mild 23C here in Paestum, south of Salerno. Unlike the 13C we have seen on the weather charts of England. We have come across a quiet camperstop (low season) with a very kind Signora and we decided to stay four nights. It is 100m from the beach and we can hear the Med inside the motorhome - just wonderful! On the way we stocked up at a Carrefour with loads of goodies and discovered a smooth Chianti at £1.60 per bottle - it would cost 4 times that in the UK. Ask me, I know.

We passed Salerno on the way and stopped at a viewpoint overlooking the port and the town, a beautiful picture it was showing the tiled terracotta coloured roofs and surrounding hills. Many visitors will tell you to rather stay in Salerno than Sorrento. The former has more locals and is less expensive they say .... but Sorrento has a certain shabby-chic classiness ....


How wonderful to watch the changing moods of the weather camped next to the beach at Paestum, 25 miles south of Salerno.

Low season - sand and sea beyond the hedge.

Joan watching the clouds gathering

Thundery weather over the Med

A brief sunset after the rain

Cloudy daybreak

Discarded debris

The journey continues ever further south towards Reggio di Calabria - the toe of Italy.

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