Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Germany - The Romantic Route

We have been travelling south after leaving Dresden making steady progress towards Bavaria and southern Germany. As stated before the summer has been very slow in coming and we decided that in order to profit from the warmer weather in southern Europe, we needed to up the pace in terms of mileage covered in getting there. That was duly done and we have covered no less than 750 kilometres in the past week, making use of the German Autobahns in places. We seldom exceed 105km/h (60mph) as Fifi returns a good 29 to 31 mpg at this speed. It keeps us ahead of the lorries who mainly do about 95km/h, as some of those drivers will overtake you given the slightest chance if you do less than 90km/h. When we still had the Harley-Davidsons we were seldom overtaken by anything other than another motorcycle, now with Fifi it can be quite a sight seeing a car on the Autobahn doing 140km/h+ roaring past - read German saloons.
Speaking of our belated summer, the one thing of motorhoming is that you can easily and quickly relocate to another area with better weather. A motorhome can be packed up ready to roll in less than an hour, that includes emptying the toilet and grey water, as well as filling up with fresh water. You can therefor have a new view, a change of weather, food, people and whatever else before sunset of the same day! Now how's that?! No need to sit and lump it if you don't like your surroundings.
We have come across a brochure 'Top Platz' listing motorhome sites in Germany who all conform to certain laid down standards, and a wonderful find too. One was Brauerei-Gasthof Reichold which had views across farm lands second to none, bear brewed on site, good food and cycle tracks all round the area. We had lunch on their terrace one afternoon and the place was packed solid with locals, mainly walkers. We cycled to the next village for bread, 3km away, as Hochstahl had no bakery. The funny thing was that others did the same and thought nothing of it. On day three at this site we learnt that Reichold's formed part of what is known as the three breweries 10km walking trail, so we cycled to the other neighboring town for a pint. We have noticed that support for your local proverbial butcher, baker and candlestick maker is alive and well in Germany. No super-duper kill-em-all supermarkets that sits in towns literally killing the small guy.

Brauerei-Gasthof Reichold, in Hochstahl

Hochstahl farm lands

Self navigation on this one

We joined onto the Romantic Route at Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber, an old German town still looking like it was in the middle ages. Somewhat touristy in places but when you walk down the side streets still a pleasure to visit. The route is easily followed by signposts and for once Snoopy had a break from navigating. We also stopped at Dinkelsbuhl which was less touristy and quieter, even bought a fresh white bread at a backerei seeing as Joan was rebelling at the wheaty-malty dark traditional bread of Germany. She has even undertaken not to criticise the non-descript British bread again.



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