Monday, 14 May 2012

The Female view (Part 1)

So exciting, now that the dream has become a reality. The last few weeks in London was quite stressful in getting all sorted and making the move.
It was difficult to decide what clothing to take in Fifi and what to put in storage, the great thing about being in England for the first few weeks was that you could keep changing your mind.
So you think this is a holiday - adventure, is hard work, but hey it can take me all day it doesn't matter.

 From sweeping the motorhome's floor, to using different washing machines at the campsites, washing dishes at the washing up station on site as the m'home has no drainer and using theirs means using what you paid fees for ....! Even found one sink clogged up with greasy fat from someone's BBQ. But the laughs we have people watching, and laughing at each other as well.
The lifestyle is easygoing and relaxed and so far highly recommended.

Part 2 to follow.

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