Saturday, 1 October 2011

Early Beginnings

All things have a starting point, and so too with 'A New Adventure'. The broad plan is a comprehensive grand tour of 'old Europe' in a motorhome lasting anything from 6-12 months. Enjoyment, budget and inclination will be the guiding factors. Autumn and winter 2012/13 to be spent on the Mediterranean coast.

So ....

Entrance to the world's biggest Motorhome exhibition. Visit aimed at new 2012 models and left-hand drives. Lots to look at and lots to learn over two full days in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Joan sampling the 'vans - this a Carthago!
Very pricey.
And then 4 days at the Mohne Dam east of Dortmund (Ruhrgebiet of Dam Busters fame 1943) for some reflection.
The Mohne Dam, Westphalia.
Next is a visit to the NEC Birmingham, where the British 'vans are to be viewed, and a final choice to be made; weekend of 15-16 October 2011.

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